llamas and Alpaca care

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Camelids -- Llama & Alpaca Wellness Care

Wellness Exams:
Includes routine hoof care, annual vaccinations, deworming, vitamin boosters, herd health management and post-natal dam and cria exams. We also offer BVD and annual Brucellosis & Tuberculosis testing for show and traveling animals.

We can confirm pregnancy with ultrasound and evaluate body condition scores annually as obesity is such a problem in these animals.

Health Certificates: For animals being sold, entering shows or traveling we do complete herd health exams, testing to meet all transport/import requirements.

Sickness Exams: Emergency coverage for sick animals as well as for dystocia. If need be we can hospitalize your animal for fluid therapy and in hospital care and treatment for a wide variety of illness' including choke, heat stroke, and failure of passive transfer.

Surgery: Routine surgical castrations, C-sections, laceration repairs, abscesses, tooth root abscesses, dentistry, and michrochip identification.

Fighting Teeth Removal:
Male llamas will generally need to have their fighting teeth cut by 2 to 2.5 years of age.

Camelids are susceptible to both internal and external parasites.

Toenails should be clipped when they begin to curl.