Equine Care

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We love your horses almost as much as you do! Let us help you care for your horses - from simple deworming to reproductive counseling - we do it all.

Parasite Prevention
There are more than 150 internal parasites known to infect horses. Keeping your horse safe from all of them is a year-round job. If parasites are not controlled, your horse can become unhealthy, will be prone to colic, and can suffer permanent damage to its intestinal structures and other internal organs.
Parasites can also spread between species - so keep yourself and your family (pets and all) protected. Give us a call and we'll be happy to advise you.

An often neglected area of horse health is proper dental care. The sharp points on a horses's teeth must be "floated" (rasped) to prevent ulceration of the oral cavity and to allow a horse to chew and digest food properly. This should be done every 12 months, depending on how rapidly your horse wears down his/her teeth.

Vaccinations are important to your horse's health. Below is a list of common vaccinations:
Rabies, Tetanus, Eastern and western encephalomyelitis, Rhinopneumonitis, Pneumabort K-1B, Influenza, Rhino/flu combination vaccine, Strangles, Potomac horse fever.