Cattle Care

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We provide complete medical and surgical services for your livestock. In addition to routine, year round care, we can provide veterinary services during the fair season. Animal Hospital on Milam Road is available both during the work day and on an emergency basis, to solve concerns and problems that develop with your livestock. We can offer suggestions regarding herd health, nutrition, vaccinations, parasite control, and prevention of infectious diseases.

Herd Health: We will help you set up an effective herd health program. Herd health programs should include general husbandry, nutrition, and parasite and vaccination programs. Your emphasis should be on disease prevention rather than treatment.

Vaccinations: Vaccinations play an integral part in maintaining herd health. We will work with you to determine what vaccines are appropriate for your animals. Combination respiratory vaccine Vibshield Wart Vaccine Brucellosis Black Leg (Clostridial disease) vaccine Pasteurella vaccine

Deworming: We will help you develop a control program for internal and external parasites.

Surgery: Routine surgical castrations, C-sections, laceration repairs, abscesses, tooth root abscesses, dentistry, and microchip identification.

Sickness Exams: Emergency coverage for sick animals. If need be we can hospitalize your animal for fluid therapy and in hospital care and treatment for a wide variety of illness' including choke, heat stroke, and failure of passive transfer.